Alaquanic is that name in the industry that offers supreme quality evaporative systems for applications related in various industries like in pharmaceuticals, beverages and automobile. These systems are such ergonomically designed which can serve longer service life and high quality outputs. Its main function is to turn the liquid form of a substance like water or other fluids into gaseous form.

    Our wiped film evaporators are designed and manufactured in such a way that it can handle challenging evaporating requirements with materials to heat sensitivity or low thermal conductivity. The modernised technology used in these evaporators helps in separating unstable compound by introducing a mechanical agitated thin film of feed materials to a heated surface. It benefits with short retention time eliminating product degradation, low maintenance, low hold up, optimum running costs, and energy saving features.

    With the waste water evaporators it provides effective solutions for treating wastewater with very high concentration of salts, non-biodegradable compounds, substances that are toxic to microorganisms etc. Our evaporator features less maintenance, easy installation, hassle free operations and long serviceable life. The evaporator is specially manufactured and designed to use a special effect of evaporation as well as the mechanical vapour re-compression instrumentality to lower down energy usage.

    The vertical long tube evaporator of ours is designed is such a way in which the movement of the liquid takes place as a result of convection set up by the heating process. The evaporator is fitted with tubes surrounded by liquids and steams. The main principle of these evaporators is to pass liquid through vertical tubes and the steam is supplied from the outside of the tubes. The main features of this evaporator are to increase the heating surface and allow vigorous circulation to enhance the rate of heat transfer.

    So, if you’re interested in milk evaporators or any of our evaporative systems, then you can contact us via our website at:-



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